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Ayurveda, which translates into science of life, is a 5000 year old Indian system of healing. Cooking and nutrition play an important part in this ancient healing system, which also incorporates use of other diverse therapies or Asanas such as yoga, mediation, massage body treatments and other daily practices that help connect the body to the cosmos.

  • * Sleep disorders
  • * Nervous disorders
  • * Muscle tension
  • * Disc herniation
  • * Mental imbalance
  • * Migraines
  • Abhyanga

    The Abhyanga is a “light touch”, rather than a deep tissue massage that gently encourages cellular toxins to be moved from the cells into bloodsteam so that the body may effectively eliminate them. The end result of Abhyanga is a deeply relaxed physiology and enhanced feeling of well-being.

  • Marmabyanga

    Rejuvenating full body massage with specific focus on the Marma (vital) points. These are specific areas of the body which are linked through pranic channels to the various organs and doshas. This massage has regenerating and detoxifying effect. For Vata types it is recommended once a week, kapha types once a fortnight and pitta types once a month.

  • Muduchubyanga

    Special back massage suited for muscle tension on the back and neck area

  • Padabhyanga

    An ayurvedic feet and calves massage. It stimulates the circulation on your feet and legs. The special focus on the Marma points of the feet results in an full body relaxation

  • Shirsha Abhyanga

    The head and nape of the neck is massaged with oil to stimulate blood circulation, make nerve tracts flexible and resilient, promote hair growth and relax tension. – Particularly suited for muscle tension caused by computer work.

  • Shirodhara

    Warm oil is continuously and gradually poured on the forehead while the guest is lying down. It includes a short full body massage. It is recommended for headaches, depression and sleeplessness bringing mental and spiritual relaxation. A course of minimum three treatments is recommended.

  • Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation

    We highly recommend starting your Ayurvedic experience with this powerful and insightful consultation that provides an in-depth look at your particular dosha type. Our expert consultant will discuss lifestyle changes that will support your well-being in all areas affecting physical, mental and emotional balance

  • Vedic Meditation

    This meditation is based on traditional Ayurvedic practies. Vedic Meditation has the ability to deeply relax and heal the physiology while calming the mind. This allows stress to be released, creating a profound pathway of approaching life more balanced and joyful. We highly recommend the Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultation in conjunction with this meditation.