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Ayurveda, which translates into science of life, is a 5 000 year old Indian system of healing. Cooking and nutrition play an important part in this ancient healing system, which also incorporates use of other diverse therapies or Asanas such as yoga, mediation, massage body treatments and other daily practices that help connect the body to the cosmos. Ayurveda philosophy incorporates the five elements pancha mahabhutas – namely space, air, fire, water and earth. These elements manifest in the human physiology and psyche as three fundamental bio energies known as the three doshas. From space and air comes Vata, which regulates our energies and movements. From fire and water comes Pitta, which gives us warmth and perception and the capacity to transform substances with our bodies. From water and earth comes Kapha, which makes up our structure, our flesh and secretions and creates solidity and cohesiveness. Each of us inherits a unique proportion of these doshas, which create our specific mental and physical characteristics. The proportion of the doshas present in an individual at birth will determine his or her essential constitution or prakriti.